Phone Carriers

So a while back I had an iPhone 6S Plus that I ended up trading to Verizon Wireless for an android phone. This iPhone had SafeLink on it, which was my account. The SIM chip was still in it, as I hadn’t thought to remove said SIM chip. Turns out, the old SafeLink account is still valid, and still active. So I guess this means that when you trade your phones in, they do not factory reset the phones, nor do they remove the old chips that are in them.

So that’s very interesting to find out, especially considering SafeLink accounts have to make at least one phone call a month in order to remain active. I haven’t had that phone since last year or the year before… account is still active… you tell me. Anyway, so I just have to purchase a TracFone SIM chip and I’ll be able to transfer my old SafeLink account to the phone that I have right now, so that’ll be nice. I’m proud of myself too because I was able to remember my old phone number on my own, and without any assistance at all. That’s a huge step for me after that accident I was in back in February of 2011.

Now if the rest of my memory would return, that would be excellent. On a totally unrelated note, someone threw me a message over Chicken Smoothie the other day. They are in a role play thread with me and admired my role playing style, and then asked if I was on any sites. That inspired me to remake Great Ebony Realm, so I’m in the process of doing that. I may be facing backlash from the role playing community I used to be part of, but I brought Veghrishi back as Alpha Female.

At least for the moment. The site isn’t done yet, so I may end up changing my mind. Anyway, it’s almost dinner time so I’m signing off for now.

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