Up and Running?

Well, got this thing going again. Took a little bit, but at least I did it. Now I’ve just gotta figure out how I can recover all of the previous information that was on my previous website, which ought to prove interesting. Recipes and characters (and their lineage) has been lost. I guess I need to learn to take more frequent backups.

Or store it on Google Drive, as was just a recommendation by someone. I’m contemplating putting up another role play, but I’m not sure if I wanna spend that kind of time. I guess I’ll figure it out later if I really want to or not. I subscribe to the KIS method, that is Keep It Simple, and we’re in a day and age of flashy graphics all over the place. What happened to just a simple forum and maybe a simple website of information to go along with it? Why do all these stupid graphics have to come into play now?

What are they doing for you besides just pure eye candy? That’s why I hated Windows Vista – the majority of it I saw as eye candy and nothing more than that. The extra security features of Vista aside, those I did like. I just found out yesterday that someone’s been patching XMB Forum. That was an excellent forum system in it’s day.

I remember helping to develop it, with no pay, just because I loved it. There are so many holes in it now though, and there have been, that I can’t believe people actually use it anymore. I kind of feel sorry for the hosts that still allow it. It’s infinitely customizable, which is part of what I loved about it. It’s broken today though, which makes me sad.

I had so much fun with XMB. However, honestly if you want a good, solid, and stable forum I highly recommend phpBB. It’s a little more complex to develop things for (such as themes if you like making your own), but it’s a really solid forum system that’s updated on a regular basis. Anyway, I’ll ramble on some other time. Time to make some blueberry pancakes.

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