Productive Day

So today I went to the doctor and got my Nexplanon implant. My arm is super bruised at the injection site, but that’ll heal. I just hope I don’t have any adverse effects from it, or it doesn’t come out on it’s own. It’s already looking like I have a really nice bruise, which I expected. It feels like the circulation might be a little off, but that could just be in my head.

My left hand feels chillier than my right, after the injection. It’s not too bad though, so I’m not worried. I’m guessing it’s because of the numbing junk they put in my arm first, which hasn’t worn off yet. I just took a couple Tylenol to help with the swelling too. Anyway, anyone have a new printer?

I just learned today that printers now have their own email addresses that allow you to print to them wirelessly, just by emailing your printer. When was this a thing? I feel like such an adult right now it’s not funny. I had no clue you could email your printer, and it would just print what you emailed it. That’s so neat!

I downloaded the printer’s app on my iPhone too, so there’s that. That much I knew printers could do, but the email thing is new to me. Anyway, still a nifty feature. What else do these new printers do? I should look it up. I feel out of date technologically.

Of course we’re talking about a person who isn’t a fan of the idea of a “smart car” either, so. What do those do now a days, by the way? Curious questions that I ought to look up.

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