Veghrishi Wahbeh

Basic Information

Age: 8 Years
Sex: Female

Mate: —
Pups: Axisa (Adopted), Vane (Adopted), Ashka (Adopted), Astala, Celebrod, Takoda, Nilfala, Vuoltor, Xalian, Zaid, Blysse, Zeki, Zaal, Raden, Akala ii, Caedmon, Sevati, Fedora, Justus, Nirvelli, Desdemona

Mother: Akala Wahbeh
Father: Dextris
Siblings: Starla, Nexa, ShotingStar, Bubbles, Roumer, Kamotts, Nakiomis, Mitoni, StarGazer, Phoenix-Rising, Morning, Kiera, Leir, Glory, Calisto, Dark Angel, Kiroa, Silent Stalker, Silenced, Whisper, Caleb, Eternity, Maloona, BlackEmboo, Derelek, Dhrelaj, White Whisper, Perry, Rajasha, Ice, SinPaw, Naki, Akiva, Adrian

Physical Description

Veghrishi is of an obsidian color, and full of scars primarily on the right side of her body. The top of her right ear is torn and full of scars, just to start with. The left side of her muzzle, left shoulder, and left flank are also riddled with scars from old battles. Her left eye is an amber color, with the right being milky with blindness. She is of a muscular build, rather than thin.


Veghrishi is an incredibly aggressive wolf, never hesitating to jump into battle for any reason. This has been a major flaw over the years, and the scars all over her body only reflect that. She is extremely low on patience, including for her own pups lot less someone else’s. She is a warrior at heart, and always has been. She has yet to find a soft spot within her.

She is a wolf whom is full of anger and rage, though she is a very strong leader. War has not been an unknown entity, but rather a friend of sorts. Once she considers you a friend, she can be extremely loyal. Though it should be noted that it takes quite a bit for her to consider one a “friend”. She will calmly and casually chat with anyone, though does demand respect.


Born to Dextris and Akala, the alphas of Great Ebony Realm, she led what seemed to be the ideal puppy hood. She had 33 brothers and sisters together both by adoption and birth. Growing up, her mother never really paid attention to her or her other siblings. She was always too busy for them. It was because of this that she became close with her sister, Dhrelaj.

Together, they caused a tremendous fear among all members of the pack. Theirs was a bond that could never be broken, and did not go unnoticed. It all may have been different if their mother and father had paid more attention to them, but they didn’t. Their father had been taken in by hunters, and their mother busy tending to the pack. Her mother had told her stories of her own puppy hood, and growing up, which intrigued Veghrishi greatly.

She wished her own puppy hood had been that interesting. It was not too long after she was born that her mother adopted a human cub named Perry, which consumed more of her time, as she took on another mate thinking Dextris had been dead, as well as Celtic; her one true mate. Veghrishi hated the fact her mother had adopted the human cub, but knew she could do nothing about it. Veghrishi also hated the Liger named Shina that was her mother’s best friend; but she could do nothing about that either, and was overjoyed when she finally died. It was later after she turned a year of age, she got extremely upset at her mother for everything that she had done, and tried to kill her, and gain the rank of Alpha Female.

She gained the rank, and nearly managed to kill her mother, but it didn’t work. Her mother sought natural healing from Perry before she could die, which upset Veghrishi. She ruled Great Ebony Realm with Dhrelaj and Dhrelaj’s mate; they ruled with iron paws, and icy hearts. Many of the members died to Veghrishi’s hand, and few to Dhrelaj’s. Dhrelaj had tried to become Veghrishi in many ways which upset her, but gave her massive pride, but Dhrelaj failed to become her elder sister.

After being run out of the pack by a horde of wolves led by IronPaw, she started her own pack called Apocalyptic Sun, and adopted a wolf cub named Axisa. The pack was of few, as there were no wolves worthy of a pack like that; most of them died upon joining or left due to Veghrishi’s frightening reign. It was little time after starting Apocalyptic Sun that she adopted another cub named Vane, and gained a mate named Eid whom she only be mated because she thought her cubs needed a father figure. Love was not an option; her heart was far too hard and icy to love another aside from Dhrelaj and her cubs. It was not too long, about a year after ward that she gave birth to a litter of cubs.

Veghrishi, remembering the stories of Orange Leaf Pack that she had once heard, ventured over to the old grounds, where she met up with her mother once more. Her mother’s eye color had changed to blue by then due to blindness. Knowing her mother was extremely vulnerable, she attacked the soft, legend vixen and killed her after a long battle that resulted in many scars; there was a scar under her neck, on her left shoulder blade, and near her stomach and flanks, all of which were extremely visible due to her pelt coloration. She then gained the rank of Alpha Female once more at Great Ebony Realm, but this time ruled a bit softer than before, but yet with the same hard, icy heart as before.

In truth, the pack had died when Akala left it the first time, as did Orange Leaf Pack; but both packs were legends in their time, and both packs were a place of refuge for wolves, and apparently humans alike. Eid had left long before, and had been ruled as dead by Veghrishi, seeing as not only had she not really loved him from the beginning, but he had never been there, plus she had learned he had killed one of her pups before she herself had killed Axisa due to defiance. She later ran across one of the pups she had adopted named Ashka, and learned she was pregnant, and in labor. It came to her knowledge Ashka had been raped twice. She gave birth to nine pups, all of which Veghrishi loved dearly.

She and the rest of the family had tried to kill the wolf that Ashka loved due to the fact that he was abusing both Ashka and her pups. The battle that raged on resulted in teeth marks across her maw, claw marks across her face, and a large gash on the side of her neck, but the wolf they were after had fled with his life, when the intent was to kill him. The battle also resulted in Veghrishi killing a pup that was not related to her in any way, nearly killing Ashka twice, and allowance of her favorite grand pup, Diamond, to be killed as Veghrishi watched it happen which tore her apart inside, though she would never have admitted it. Thus, it all resulted in the re-hardening of her heart, and iciness and ruthlessness coming back into her persona. It wasn’t too long afterward she met back up with her father, whom was almost killed by her and the wolves of Great Ebony Realm.

The only thing that stopped his death was Veghrishi’s order not to attack. He explained himself quickly to her and the rest of them, and Veghrishi understood, and let it pass as a simple error, expecting never to see or speak to him again, as it had been for the past three years. He had learned that Veghrishi herself had slain her mother, which tore Dextris apart as he had tried to hide it, alas it failing. She then left Great Ebony Realm shortly thereafter, thinking she would never re-open it again, as she became the rogue she had always truthfully been. It wasn’t but six months after Veghrishi had left Great Ebony Realm she ran across the old grounds her mother grew up upon.

Intrigued by all of this, she decided to wander around a bit when she ran into Xionac, whom had taken Bleeding Glory over and was the current alpha. There, she earned the rank Sub Alpha, though it was closed for a short while due to it’s original alpha’s return; it’s original alpha being Raja, whom Veghrishi had learned via her mother was one to be highly respected. It was then Veghrishi returned back to her own birth pack in hopes to regain what she had lost and become what she had before instead of running away from her past. A chance meeting, shortly after re-opening Great Ebony Realm, she had with her previous mate Eid, and seen he in fact, wasn’t dead. His life however, was short lived from that moment on, as they quarreled on the lands of Broken, a recent alliance, his life drained cruelly by Veghrishi.

Before his death, he had admitted he killed her previously adopted son Vane, and had also admitted he had rather enjoyed it, as the two had never gotten along from the start anyway, which only made her that much more angrier, though again, she needed not worry about his petty life any longer. After his death, and the once more rise of Great Ebony Realm which gained quite a reputation, Spartacus eventually took command as Alpha Male and Veghrishi’s mate. Together Veghrishi and Spartacus gave birth to a litter of six consisting of Zaid an albino, Zeki, Zaal, Blysse, Raden and Akala ii. Veghrishi’s grandson Areku fell in love with a female named Jarnai whom at the time was a member of Great Ebony Realm’s alliance Broken. At first Veghrishi was ok with them being mates, not that she could say any differently, though as time wore on and Veghrishi learned Jarnai had feelings opposing Areku’s side of the family being anywhere near the pups, Veghrishi’s feelings of enmity arose for the banshee.

It arose quicker when Veghrishi learned Jarnai nor Areku had taught the pups much of anything, though Areku had trusted Jarnai to teach them things such as submission because at the time Areku was away. Jarnai and Veghrishi had a couple spats, though it ended up in Jarnai’s becoming an Omega and being near separated from her progeny. The two fought, resulting in many scars on both of their behalf’s and partially blinding Veghrishi in her right eye, though she didn’t tell anyone about that just yet. Not too overly long after the battle, humans set a fire to the lands that got out of control and thus the wolves of Great Ebony Realm had to flee to newer lands they were unfamiliar with. Upon the gathering of what was left of the members, and the few lone wolves that followed, everything went fairly well until Spartacus spoke up.

He told of his rendezvous with Veghrishi’s first born daughter Astala, and their three sons, Dalvain, Tolin, and Blaine. This shocked everybody, however everybody also expected Veghrishi to kill both Spartacus and Astala and the progeny they produced. She didn’t however. Rather, she chose to protect the small family unit. Not long afterward, Spartacus disappeared, however life went on and after a while Veghrishi became mates with her former enemy Lesotho and the two had a litter of pups. Once this litter of pups was around 2 years of age, Narthais, whom Veghrishi had been training to be her own personal minion, managed to talk Narthais into murdering his own other, Jarnai. He did this, and weeks later told his father, Areku, that it was Veghrishi that had murdered Jarnai; not himself.

This caused a major battle that ended in nearly everyone’s death save for Narthais, Areku, and unknown to anyone else, Veghrishi. She had merely been knocked senseless for about an entire day or so, and mistaken for dead. This was the downfall of the Great Ebony Realm empire that Veghrishi had worked so hard to build. From then on, she had lived on the scraps of other animals, weakened and fragile due to her injuries which took a bit of time to heal.

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